Dermal Fillers

Removing Static Wrinkles With Dermal Fillers

The best method for removing static wrinkles is using dermal fillers, such as JUVÉDERM VOLUMA®, JUVÉDERM XC, RESTYLANE, RADIESSE, or BELOTERO BALANCE®. Depending on your particular skin problem, Dr. Harvey-Dent may use one or more or these products to help rejuvenate your skin. She will inject the selected product under the skin to replace the volume that has been lost during the normal aging process. Because many dermal fillers are made of a natural substance known as hyaluronic acid, one of the major components of connective tissue, they work by closely imitating a natural process. Unlike Botox, they take effect immediately and usually remain transformative from 6 months up to 2 years or more, depending on the dermal filler used.

Dermal fillers are used to raise the cheeks and to improve moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. Because the different products have different textures, the thicker ones, like JUVÉDERM VOLUMA and RADIESSE tend to stay where they are administered — on top of your facial bones, mid-face, chin or jowls, while other more malleable fillers, like JUVÉDERM® XC, RESTYLANE or BELOTERO BALANCE can be injected under the eyes, in the lips, marionette lines, or along the nasolabial fold (the deep groove between the nose and mouth). BELOTERO BALANCE is specially formulated to rid patients of more superficial lines and wrinkles and is an excellent choice for treatment of the under eye area.

When Dermal Fillers Are Not Appropriate

For most people, the wrinkle removal procedures used by Dr. Harvey-Dent are very effective and entirely safe. Still, because they may be inadvisable for patients with severe allergies, particularly those with a history of anaphylaxis or a history of allergies to gram-positive bacterial proteins or lidocaine, Dr. Harvey- Dent will take a careful medical history before treating you for wrinkle removal.

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