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PRP Therapy for Hair Restoration and Skin Rejuvenation in Tampa

PRP Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma), is an innovative treatment for hair loss and revitalization of skin. As you would expect, Dr. Dyan Harvey-Dent, founder and medical director of Unique Dermatology & Wellness Center in Tampa and Valrico, Florida, is at the forefront of her field, already using this therapeutic method on her patients with excellent results. Fortunately for those seeking to rejuvenate their appearance by restoring a healthy glow to their skin and regaining the lustrous hair they have lost to aging or medical conditions, Dr. Harvey-Dent is able to perform this exciting new procedure right in her office.

Dr. Harvey-Dent, a board-certified physician specializing in all aspects of skincare including cosmetic, medical and surgical dermatology, provides aesthetic medical treatments ancient peoples could never have imagined. One of the most promising of these is PRP, a type of therapy she was the first to introduce to the Tampa area.

The History of PRP and How It Works

For thousands of years, both men and women have sought ways to make themselves more attractive and, as a result, more filled with positive energy. Several decades ago, some doctors had the idea to use platelets, a natural component of human blood that assists in the healing, in a new way. Since platelets assist the healing process by helping blood to clot, they reasoned that by removing some of the patient’s blood, and concentrating this healing element and reintroducing it into the bloodstream, they might be able to speed the body’s healing process. Not only were their instincts correct, but their administration of PRP injections also decreased patient pain levels.

As they began filtering out platelets from the patient’s own blood, concentrating them in a centrifuge, and then reintroducing the enriched blood into the patient’s body through injection, they found that tissues regenerated much more quickly, with collagen multiplying at a higher rate of speed. Over the years, doctors were delighted to find that PRP therapy accelerated the healing process in orthopedic, dental, and reconstructive surgery.

Recently, forward-looking dermatologists like Dr. Harvey-Dent have found PRP treatments to be equally effective in treating damaged skin and thinning hair. A potent variety of regenerative medicine, PRP therapy helps create volume, stimulate collagen production to smooth and tighten skin, as well as to give your skin a much needed glow. PRP can also be used to enhance the lips and cheeks.

Conditions That Respond Well to PRP Therapy

In spite of the fact that PRP therapy has come into use as an aesthetic treatment fairly recently, Dr. Dent has already had remarkable success using it with her patients for hair restoration and skin rejuvenation. PRP treatments have been found to be highly effective in:

  • Rejuvenating aging or damaged skin
  • Promoting hair growth and thickening
  • Erasing lines and wrinkles
  • Diminishing the appearance of acne scars
  • Lifting sagging skin
  • Bringing a glow to dull, lackluster skin
  • Plumping thin lips

In the space of only a few in-office treatment sessions, patients experience positive changes to their appearance, coming away feeling younger, more attractive, and with increased positive energy.

How long do PRP treatments take? How long do they last?

One of the wonderful things about PRP treatments is that they require very little time investment. Each session lasts from 30 to 45 minutes and the patient requires only three or four treatments to see results. Numbing cream is applied to minimize any discomfort and patients rarely need more than 24 hours of downtime to fully recover.

While improved appearance occurs soon after the first session, maximum collagen regeneration occurs about 3 months after the initial treatment, resulting in plumper, lifted skin with fewer lines and wrinkles. Regrowth of hair takes longer to observe. While you can expect to see decreased shedding and improvement in the texture and thickness of the hair and may see the beginning of new hair growth within two weeks after treatment, it normally takes 3 to 6 months from the first treatment session to produce substantial results. These results are typically maintained for 18 to 24 months. Many patients are happy to undergo touch-up treatments annually to maintain their improved appearance at its maximal level.

Advantages of PRP Hair and Skin Therapy

Although there are now a great many options when you and your doctor are choosing methods to improve the appearance of your skin and hair, PRP is often the best choice. It is frequently used in combination with other skin treatments at Unique Dermatology & Wellness Center. When you’re under Dr. Harvey-Dent’s skilled care, you can be sure that she will guide you toward the best treatments for your particular conditions. Advantages of PRP over some of the other therapies in use include:

  • PRP is non-surgical
  • PRP takes little time away from your active life
  • You cannot be allergic to PRP, because it uses your own cells
  • PRP contains no preservatives
  • PRP carries no risk of cross-reactivity, immune reaction, rejection or disease transmission

Why Unique Dermatology Tampa Is the Place to Come for PRP Skin and Hair Therapy

Even when your goal is an aesthetic one, it is important to have medical treatments performed by a board-certified physician. Not only is Dr. Harvey-Dent board certified, but she has extensive training in all areas of dermatology, including skincare, cosmetic dermatology, and ethnic skin concerns. One important factor in choosing Dr. Harvey-Dent is that she administers all cosmetic injectable procedures personally. Her patient testimonials attest to the fact that, beyond her first-rate credentials, she has an interest in, and compassion for, each of her patients.

PRP Therapy For Hair Loss & Skin Rejuvenation in Tampa & Valrico

Dr. Harvey-Dent has been providing care to patients of all skin types in the surrounding Tampa Bay area for well over a decade. She is pleased now to be offering the fully natural, nonsurgical PRP method of skin rejuvenation and hair regrowth to her patients. You can reach Dr. Harvey-Dent at Unique Dermatology & Wellness Center by phone or by filling out a contact form on her website.